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“Preservation is not the end in itself. It is the wonderful means to many possible ends.”

                                                                                                                                                                                             Author Unknown      



Buchanan Preservation Society Newsletters

Together, these form a collection of essays on specific Buchanan historical preservation topics.


The Gertrude Goodrich Post Office Mural


The Zinc Collar Pad Company Factory


The Ross-Sanders House


Ageless Waterways: Buchanan’s Millrace and McCoy Creek


The Hinman- Parin House: 308 West Front Street


The Civil War: Buchanan Boys in Blue


Buchanan National Register Listings

Buchanan presently has four listings on the National Register of Historic Places. This is the text of each of those listings along with its accompanying photographs. The listings consist of the Buchanan Downtown National Register Historic District, the Buchanan North and West Neighborhoods Historic District, the Union Block, and the Zinc Collar Pad Factory.


Buchanan Community Planning Documents

Using historic preservation as an economic development tool is a recurring topic in many of these plans. Others address broader and regional topics and issues.


1970 Michigan PA 169 of 1970 “Historic Districts”


1975 Michigan PA 197 of 1975 “Downtown Development Authority”


1992 Camiros Buchanan Downtown Development Plan


2003 Hyett Palma Buchanan Downtown Blueprint


2003 City of Buchanan Zoning Plan


/2006 Berrien County Commuter Rail Study


2006 Michigan Plan for Cultural Economic Development


2004 and 2007 Buchanan DDA TIF and Development Plans


2008 City of Buchanan Master Plan


2008 Wetland and Coastal Resources McCoy Creek and Mill Race Assessment


2008 FEMA Historic Structures Floodplain Policies


2010 Michigan DDA Opt Out Attorney General Ruling


2011 Precept Partners Buchanan Marketing Plan 4.1


2011 Portas Review “The Future of our High Streets”


2012 MHPN/MSHDA SHPO Buchanan Preservation Assessment


2012 Buchanan Historic Resources Survey



2013 Buchanan Ross-Sanders House Structural Report



These include quick references to the boundaries of each Buchanan National Register Historic District.


Buchanan Downtown National Register Historic District Map


Buchanan North and West Neighborhoods National Register Historic District Map


Plaque Programs

Buchanan has two historic marker plaque programs. Each recognizes the importance of contributing resources in Buchanan’s historic districts. The Downtown NRHD plaque program is administered by the Buchanan Preservation Society on behalf of the City of Buchanan Downtown Development Authority.

add link to google doc with program information, eligibility, cost, and specifications


The Buchanan Preservation Society also administers the historic marker plaque program for eligible property owners in the North and West Neighborhoods NRHD.

add link to google doc with program information, eligibility, cost, and specifications


Friends of Oak Ridge Cemetery




Walking Tour

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